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Team Jamaica is a page created by Jamaican Sports enthusiasts for sports enthusiasts that takes you beyond track & field, including all Olympic disciplines on the road to London 2012. Feel free to participate and help to build the excitement as we countdown to London!

Since 1948, Jamaica has participated in the Olympic Games, sending athletes to represent us in several disciplines, including Track & Field, Bobsled, Swimming, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Cycling, Badminton, Boxing, Equestrian, Freestyle Skiing, and we even had a female athlete represent us in one of the toughest Olympics disciplines, the triathlon. The journey has proven to be a long, hard but exciting one as Jamaica has grown and has become respected as one of the top Caribbean contenders in the Olympic Games.


We want to provide the latest news, updates, articles, and stories about all our athletes, in an exciting, interesting and eye catching format. We will review and follow the progress of top rated stars in our track events, to the Olympic hopefuls and future champions working hard to represent us in all Olympic disciplines. Sports enthusiasts, please feel to share your past experiences and memories with our community. Whether you are a past Olympian, aspiring Olympian, coach, observer, fan, open your heart and tell us what you saw and felt as you watched our Jamaican athletes compete over the years in the Olympic games.

Offer your words of support and encouragement to ALL our athletes competing in the exciting array of events. As we approach these upcoming games expectantly, let us show our athletes that we appreciate their discipline and effort to represent our country proudly!


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